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Generic Viagra
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Manufacturer: Intas Pharma

Also known as: VYFAT

Dosage: 120mg

Prescription Required: No

Delivery Time: 7-14 days

What is Generic Xenical?

Xenical is a drug mainly used and prescribed for weight loss. Its active ingredient is orlistat, which works by targeting a considerable percentage of the fat consumed by an individual and then preventing it from being digested and absorbed by the body. By blocking about a third of the fat you consume, Xenical is able to reduce your calorie intake without you having to eat less food.

How is Generic Xenical different from the other weight loss drugs in the market?

Most of the other weight loss drugs that are being sold in the market today work as appetite suppressants, which means they control certain enzymes in the body so that signals of "being full" are sent to the brain. These other drugs help you feel that you are already full, reducing your food and calorie intake. In contrast, Xenical does not reduce your appetite. It does not enter your bloodstream nor affect your brain. It works by simply blocking fat digestion and absorption, significantly reducing your fat intake.

Is Generic Xenical addictive?

Xenical is not addictive as it does control any enzymes or substances in the brain.

How should I take Generic Xenical?

The typical dose of Xenical or orlistat is 120mg. Take one capsule with each of the three main meals you eat throughout the day. You can take it right before, during or right after a mean.Keep in mind that Xenical would only work if there is fat in your food intake. If you are unable to eat a main meal or if your meal does not have any fat, you can skip taking Xenical with that particular meal.

Does Generic Xenical have any side effects?

The possible side effects of Xenical are usually just related to its main action of blocking fat digestion and absorption. These include gas, fatty or oily stool and increased frequency of bowel movements. These are usually just temporary and should resolve on their own. If you are concerned with any of the medication's side effects on you, consult your doctor.

What’s the difference between generic and brand Xenical?

There are none, aside from their price. Generic and branded Xenical are both made with the same active ingredient which is orlistat. Because of this, they are both able to offer the same effects.

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