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Patient Responsibility Agreement

1. By submitting and agreeing to this Patient Responsibility Agreement, I confirm and state that I am over the age of 18 and have the legal capacity to enter into this particular agreement.

2. The existing laws in my country do not prohibit me from receiving any of the medications that I would be ordering.

3. All of the medications that I receive or would be requesting from 247Doc would only be for my personal use. I would not be distributing them to any third party.

4. I certify that I have undergone a complete physical examination recently and that this examination had a satisfactory outcome according to the evaluating doctor.

5. I fully understand that if I have any concerns before, during or after using any of the medications or treatments purchased from 247Doc, I should consult a doctor or a healthcare provider right away for any required intervention or follow-up care.

6. I understand that there may be risks or possible side effects associated with my use of prescription medications. In this regard, I have discussed my personal risks with a medical practitioner and have accepted that I may experience them with the use of prescription medications. I have been informed of the potential side effects, risks and benefits of the medication/s that I would be purchasing and using. I certify that I have undergone a medical examination and was determined to be of good physical condition to use the medication or treatment that I have purchased. I also warrant that I have disclosed all details of my current health condition before going through the medical examination.

7. I certify that I have previously used the medication or treatment I requested and that I did not experience any side effects. I also warrant that if I have not taken or used the medications or treatments previously, that I have already consulted a physician or a medical professional who has confirmed that the medication in question is not contraindicated for me and is suitable for my medical needs.

8. Should I experience any complications or have any concerns relating to the use of the medication/treatment requested, which require medical intervention, I warrant that I will immediately contact a registered medical practitioner to obtain the requisite assistance.

9. I warrant that I would not be taking any other medications or treatments while taking the medication or treatment that I have ordered from 247Doc, unless I have already consulted my doctor and have been advised that it would be safe to combine the medications.

10. I confirm that I would be monitoring my blood pressure at least once every two weeks and that if my blood pressure drops or rises to a concerning level, I would stop using the medication or treatment.

11. I confirm I am legally allowed to use the debit card or credit card that would be paying for my order.

12. I declare that I have answered all of the aforementioned points to the best of my knowledge and ability and that I have disclosed all relevant information regarding my health condition and medical history and have not given any misleading information.