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Indications for Generic Tamiflu

Tamiflu is probably the most popular antiviral drug that has been approved and used in over 80 countries worldwide. Made by Cipla, Generic Tamiflu is primarily used for the prevention and treatment of influenza in children and adults. Tamiflu can be used in treating both influenza A and influenza B. It can also alleviate the symptoms brought about by influenza or the flu including headache, weakness, fever, cough and sore throat as early as the first day of taking the medication. It can also offer protection for an individual who has been in contact with an infected person.

How does Generic Tamiflu work?

The main active ingredient of Tamiflu is oseltamivir, which works through binding the substance called neuraminidase that is found on the surface of the virus particles and through stopping it from flowing. Because of this, the newly formed virus particles would not be released from the cells which have already been infected, preventing the flu virus from spreading to and infecting other healthy cells. In short, through confining the viral infection to a smaller and more easily controllable area, Tamiflu is able to make the symptoms of the viral infection much less severe and help the immune system have an easier time fighting the virus.

How can Tamiflu help my condition?

Through taking Tamiflu or oseltamivir, the duration of your viral illness can be reduced to just a day or a day and a half. Your risk of developing more severe complications from the flu, such as pneumonia which may require the use of antibiotics, is also greatly reduced.

How is Generic Tamiflu different from branded Tamiflu?

Generic Tamiflu is not different from branded Tamiflu, aside from its price. Generic Tamiflu is much cheaper than the branded one but is made with the same active ingredient, which is why it offers the same results.

How should Generic Tamiflu be taken?

For adults, the typical Tamiflu dosage for the treatment of influenza is a 75mg tablet twice daily for up to five days while the dosage for prevention of influenza is one 75mg tablet once a day for at least ten days.

For children, the typical Tamiflu dosage for the treatment of influenza is a 30 to 75mg tablet twice daily for up to five days; while the dosage for prevention of influenza is one 30mg tablet once a day for at least ten days. If Tamiflu is to be used by an infant, a pediatrician should determine the correct dosage.

What are the side effects of Generic Tamiflu?

Generally, Tamiflu does not cause any serious side effects. The more commonly reported side effects of this medication are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, insomnia and headache. These are usually temporary and should resolve on their own; however, if you begin experiencing more persistent and bothersome side effects, consult your doctor right away.

Are there any precautions or special information that I should know about Generic Tamiflu?

Before taking Tamiflu or oseltamivir, be sure to inform your doctor if you have any other medical conditions or illnesses, particularly if you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, a heart problem, another viral infection aside from influenza A or B, a lung problem or liver disease. If you have any of these, your dose might have to be adjusted and your doctor might want to monitor your condition more closely.

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