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Skin Care

Acne is probably the most common skin problem experienced by both men and women. Although there are some who think that acne is only experienced by teenagers, it is actually a problem that affects individuals aged 10 to 40.

Acne is usually characterized by the appearance of: congested pores, also known as comedones; blackheads; whiteheads; pimples or "zits"; pustules; or cysts which may contain pus. Most of these blemishes usually appear on parts of the skin which have many oil or sebaceous glands such as the face, back and chest.

Acne is usually the result of blockages in the sebaceous glands in the skin. When the sebaceous glands are stimulated, there could be an excessive oil production which could lead to blockages. Some of the causes of acne would be: heredity; diet; poor hygiene; stress; bad lifestyle habits such as smoking or excessive drinking; inadequate sleep; an imbalance of hormones; the use of pore-clogging or "comedogenic" cosmetics; and the use of certain medications or products.

Although acne can resolve on its own through improving hygiene, eating more fruits and vegetables, getting adequate sleep and managing stress more effectively, there are also several medications which are available that can help in treating this condition. These include Accutane and Retin-A.

Although both Accutane and Retin-A are quite effective in getting rid of acne, it is important that you would first be consulting a physician such as a dermatologist to make sure that the medication that you would be using would be the best for your condition.

Generic Accutane

Accutane or isotretinoin is a medication which is classified as a retinoid. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives and are used for the treatment of acne and other skin conditions. It is an oral medication which works through reducing the production of sebum, the natural oils which are produced in the sebaceous glands of the skin. Because sebum production is decreased, blockages in the pores are prevented and the existing ones are unclogged, resulting to the clearing up of acne and blemishes.

Generic Retin-A

Retin-A is a topical acne medication which has the active ingredient tretinoin. It works through making the outer layer of the skin thinner and stimulating collagen production and cell renewal in the dermis. Through applying Retin-A once daily, the overall skin condition could significantly improve.